Tom’s Tip – Looks Good On Paper…But Which Paper?

Schneider Electric uses paper products in numerous ways every day. Marketing material like brochures or hand-outs, training material or O&M’s, in-house meetings, customer-facing products, post cards, business cards, etc. they all use specific paper to accomplish their intended function properly.  Let's take a look a the common paper we use.

20# Paper – This paper is most likely what is in your printer in the office. We stock this is 8.5 x 11" and 11 x 17" sizes. This paper is a low-cost option and is great for in-house meeting hand-outs, binders of training material, binders of O&M’s, instruction bulletins, etc. We can print your copies unbound, stapled, three-hole punched, saddle-stitched, etc.

28# Paper – This paper is slightly heavier than 20# paper and has a more polished look and feel to it. It’s a good paper to use for customer-facing items like mass-mailings and select training material. We also use this regularly for glue bound and coil jobs.

80# Paper – We stock two types of this paper – a heavier card stock and a text stock. The glossy look of this paper makes it ideal for brochures and trade show hand-outs. Brochures will have the heavier card stock on the outside with the text stock on the inside. If you want to product to have a ‘slick’ paper look, this is the paper you need.

110# Paper – This is the heaviest stock we carry. This paper is used on business cards or an project you need printed on a heavy card stock type of paper.

Specialty Paper and Items – We also carry a few specialty items. One paper is used for variable data printing that includes digital cards and 30 mil plastic cards that perfect for punching and attaching to a lanyard.  We also stock a variety of colored paper and can special order paper for your job, as well.

TSA Card
PVC Card
Colored Paper

In most cases, the POD team has standards in place for certain types of projects we print so don’t worry if you’re not sure you selected the correct paper or fold for your brochure order, for example. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular job and needs and offer the best solution. We’ll be happy to work up a sample for you, too, if needed.

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