While we don't have all the answers, here's a few of the most common questions we hear from customers.

How do we pay?

All you need to use our service is a Global Cost Center.  As you place your order the system will ask you for the Global Cost Center to charge the work to.  At the end of each month we send a list of charges associated with each cost center to Finance.  They then move money from that cost center over to ours.  No invoices to pay.  No expense reports to file.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

We typically only ship within North America, and only to street addresses.  If you need to ship to a P.O. box, or to any country beyond the US, Canada or Mexico, please contact us in advance to ensure we can do it.

We ship UPS ground unless you specify otherwise.  You can calculate your transit time against our location zip code, 37167.

What files types do you accept?

Having your files in the right format and size is the key to getting the best results in a timely fashion. We accept:

Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
Microsoft Power Point (.ppt / .pptx)
Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx)
Tagged Image File (.tif / .tiff)

Documents need to match the page sizes you need them printed.

Banners / Signs need to be a PDF and no less than 50% scale @ 200 d.p.i. or higher.

Microsoft Office allows you to "Save As" a PDF, we recommend the over submitting native Office files.

Do you print for people outside of Schneider?

Simply put... no.  We are just an internal support team and our scope only permits us to print for Schneider Electric teams.  There are no plans at this time to open this service to external customers.

If I send you a mock-up, can you design what I need?

We do not have designers on our staff.  Depending on your needs, there are design team embedded within many segments and departments within the company.  If you have a ready-to-print design that needs a small tweak we "may" be able to help you out, but contact us before you assume we can help.

Where can I find images and visual assets to use in my design?

While not managed by Print On Demand, there is a visual asset library you can use in your creative process. You do need to be in a Schneider office or on the VPN to access the library.  CLICK HERE to get started.

I placed an order a long time ago. Do you still have my files?

Believe it or not, we might!  We have hundreds of thousands of files going back over 8 years.  They key is, you need the order # or invoice # from the last time we printed it.  That is the only way we can search for it.  We can't give you access to look for the files, and there are WAY too many for us to "dig" for it.