Tom’s Tip – Make Meetings Easier with POD!

If you have a group meeting or training session on your calendar, let the Print On Demand team fulfill your needs.

One little known service offered by POD is called ‘Meeting In A Box’.  You already use us to print your meeting materials, signage and name badges, why not have the rest of your supplies needed for your next meeting shipped directly to your meeting space?  Whether it be your office, a hotel, or some other location, ‘Meeting In A Box’ takes the hassle of preparing for a meeting and brings a streamlined, a-la-carte solution that lets you focus on what matters for your meeting instead of the logistics of supplies and collateral.

Some of the more popular ‘Meeting In A Box’ items we supply are flipcharts, markers, highlighters, pens, Post-It notes and name badges with lanyards. We don’t stop there though.  We can also provide writing pads, pens and pocket folders. If there’s an item you need that you don’t see listed under supplies in the webstore, let us know and we’ll source it for you.

If you need coil books, glue bound books, 3-ring binders, booklets, handouts, stapled documents, or other printed material for your meeting, we can print and ship those too. If you think books, binders, or other printed handouts may be too bulky to carry home, don’t worry, we have digital solutions, as well. We can burn your meeting materials to CDs or load them on our USB drive solution giving you plenty of space to load all your presentations.

Working on a long-term campaign or need to create a specific set of options for your team to order repeatedly?  We can help you design a budget friendly solution that we can drop ship to you again, with a streamlines process but this time, designed custom to meet your needs.

Need to know more? Contact John Key today or me, Tom Peace, and let us help with your next project.

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