Tom’s Tip – Do Your Homework

Being the Queue Manager / Production Scheduler for Print On Demand I see nearly every request that comes in to our team.  This post is the first in a monthly series designed to help you out. Be it a better way to format files, a more efficient way to place orders or just a quick FYI to help you get your finished product faster, my posts will be centered around how to make the most of your engagement with us.  So let's get kicked off with the basics!

When placing an order with the Print On Demand group, it is best to use our web ordering portal that you’ll find at this link.

You’ll find document options like 3-ring binders, spiral bound books, glue bound documents, brochures, and several large format options. Pick the option you think best fits your needs (click here to better understand  binding options), upload your file and fill out the requested information. Be sure to add any special notes you may have for your order. Examples might be: need my copies three-hole punched, final card size needs to be 4” x 6”, please create a 5.5” x 8.5” booklet. Once that’s complete, add your order to your basket and checkout. You should get a confirmation email that the POD group has received your order.

Keep in mind that the ordering portal covers the most frequently ordered items and sizes. If you need an item not listed, please contact us. Being the print management group, we can find a solution to for you. You can reach me at or 615-844-8645. John Key is the Print Supervisor and can be reached at or 615-844-8624.

If you have questions or a specific topic you would like us to discuss here, let us know.

We look forward to working on your job or project!

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