Save Time With “Meeting In A Box”

Here’s the scenario: You travel half way across the country to teach a customer facing class.  While you are preparing the night before you realize you neglected to pack the pens and graph pads the students will need as part of the activities in the class.  It’s late.  You’re in a strange city and now you have to find an office supply store that is still open.  Luckily you find one, but now you’re paying retail prices for graph pads which must be printed on magic paper since they are SO expensive!  The icing on the cake is when you return home you then get to explain to your boss on your expense report as to why you spent $50 for office supplies in Fresno.

Why not delegate rounding up your meeting supplies to someone else?  Well you can with Print On Demand and our Meeting In A Box service.

If you look closely in our shopping portal you will see an option for Office Supplies.  There you can choose from a list of the most commonly requested items.  Like all Print On Demand items, our office supplies are priced at super low prices, even if you just order a single item, because you reap the benefits of the large volume we purchase throughout the year.

Even better, we will ship all of it along with your printed materials which you already order from Print On Demand. This means less weight in your luggage.  No sourcing it on the road and best of all no expense reports when you buy it yourself!  It’s all billed along with your Print On Demand order and paid in the monthly cost center transfer.

Need a special item?  Be it one-time or an on-going need, let us know.  We will gladly find you the lowest price on the market and add your items to our inventory. Just reach out to us with your need to get started.


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