Tom’s Tip – Going Digital

Save space, save waste, and save money by going digital.

Instead of printing binders, PowerPoints, brochures, etc. for your meeting considering going digital and loading your material on SE branded USB thumb drives.

The Print On Demand group can help organize and load your classroom, marketing, or other materials on USBs and with 8gb of storage space, you’ll have plenty of room for file storage. Plus, it’s a great takeaway for people who don’t want to travel with printed material following a meeting.

Another way of going digital is housing your files in the cloud and distributing QR
codes on POD produced business cards or post cards for event attendees.

Print less and digitize more with Print On Demand!

If you have questions about going digital, contact John Key today at 615-844-8624 / or Tom Peace at 615-844-8645 / and let us help.