Generic Templates:

Strangely enough you can design some fairly complex layouts within PowerPoint.  Here’s a vertical and horizontal template with some default settings applied to preserve your work at the resolution needed to print with confidence.  Make sure you change the slide size to match your final output size!

Click to download the template:

ID Card Template:

Again, using PowerPoint as the design platform you can create a layout for both the front and back of ID badge style PVC cards.  The layout is already sized to match our print specs.  Just drop in your information and graphics!

Click to download the template:

Banner Stand Template:

Here’s a PowerPoint Template for laying out 33″ x 78″ retractable banner stand images.  The workspace is 50% of the actual print so make sure you use the highest resolution graphics possible when building the image.

Click to download the template:

File Types

Have files you want to use?  Make sure they meet our Acceptable File Types standards to be sure!