Choices in paper stock can be scary if you've never dealt with it before.  Here's a breakdown of the paper we carry and the ideal usage for each.


Text Stock Paper (20 and 80 pounds)

In addition to everyday printing, 20-pound is ideal short term use, “cheap” copies and basic document content. 80-pound paper is highly versatile and works well for reports, presentations, double-sided printing and proposals. We offer a gloss finish for 80-pound text that really makes the colors pop off the page. It is typically used for product booklets and brochures or content pages inside a customer facing document. We also offer an 8.5” x 11” 24-pound option that has a perforated edge along the 11” edge.


Cover Stock Paper (80 pounds)

Commonly referred to as cardstock, cover stock paper is thick and stiff. It is frequently used for business cards, invitations, postcards, binder spines, rack cards, report covers and so on. We offer a gloss finished 80-pound stock that is primarily used for document covers and small posters.




Tab Dividers (90 pounds)

A bit heavier than 80-pound cover stock, tab dividers are used to separate sections of a large document. Tab Dividers come in sets of 5 and can be customized on the actual tab as well as the body of the tab (if needed). These are ideal in 3-Ring binders or glue bound books.