New POD Plant Is Open!

The new “Huntley 2” plant rises from the TN clay.

When Print On Demand started in 2011 it was through the evolution of the then National Drawing Center (now Solutions Support Group).  As the traditional 3-ring binder copies that were a staple of the NDC service began transitioning to digital we organically transformed the space in the Nashville offices of Schneider Electric into a full-service print shop.  While functional, it was not ideal to be a plant inside an office building with over 600 “neighbors” politely tolerating the freight, noise and aromas produced by Print On Demand.

Fast forward to the winter of 2016.  The Nashville office is preparing to move to a high rise in Franklin TN.  While this new office would be a showplace for Schneider Electric, it was even less ideal to be the location for Print On Demand’s plant.  Luckily there was available land adjacent to the Smyrna TN Schneider Electric plant that was slated for build out. Through the help of internal real estate teams, vendors and partners like RJ Young and Canon, we were able to plan a purpose-built facility that would not only meet our current needs, but would set us up for the expansion and evolution of our services for many years to come.

The parking lot is poured! Almost move it day.


By fall of 2017 the building was complete.  During the process we gave an in-depth education on the needs of an in-plant print shop to HVAC installers, electricians, building code inspectors, and various other trades that were unfamiliar with the unique needs of a plant like ours.  In the end we have created a facility that will not only met all of our environmental and safety needs, but streamlines our processes to gain efficiency, increase capacity and add on new and exciting product offerings in the near future. 

Take a quick look inside with the following pics: